Un Voyage 

How many times do I need to travel the same way until I find beauty again? For over 3 years I tried to sit in the same seat each time I took a plane. Doing the same thing over and over again… is a fascinating way of life, once you accept that this is what life is all about. 

I believe that successfully giving and receiving information is one of the main routes to a happy life. And the repetition is an integral part of it. Our DNA is a continuous repetition of information, but I also believe it does not matter if the information you give or get is organic… or just a few bytes of data like these pictures.


Of course, beauty is itself a form of information.


I like it


Our eyes are so tired, we don´t see the beauty of the moment any more. We don’t look out of the window, we miss the world’s beautiful colours… we fail to understand what the moment of seeing beauty is about: it’s about nothing more than acknowledging it for what it is. To understand that it simply makes us happy to see something as beautiful as a sunrise!


 Bon Voyag