I Am 61,2 cm² Parasite

61,2 cm² copper plate shapped by my inner parasite

Over 10 days, about 1,500 drops of saline fell on a 61.2 cm² wide hot copper plate. The drop falls again and again on the same spot, symbolising the repetition of the same mistake. The destruction or metamorphosis of the copper plate is part of the artistic process. 


The medical liquid is colourless (invisible) but when it drops onto the heated copper plate, the reaction causes a colour change – it turns into a rainbow-coloured iris. There is an eye motif in the projection; I think of the pattern almost magically created by the droplets as the second eye (iris) of the piece.

„Vergine“ copper plate
„Destroyed“ copper plate

The thousands of drops falling again and again on the same spot represents your inner parasite. Your inner parasite shapes you, but you only become aware of this in retrospect. The irony is that on the one hand your parasite is destroying you, but on the other hand it can shape your beauty, if you learn to grow together, or better still, learn to use it to your advantage.  Beauty can be fund in many shapes. Make your enemy your best friend!