I Am 61,2 cm² Parasite

A medical colloidal infusion solution is dropped - like a heartbeat - on the heated plate, and then evaporates copper. In the steam an eye will become visible, and on the copperplate the salt and other dried, leftover minerals from the medical infusion will leave a colourful round mark. 

The medical liquid is colourless (invisible) but when it drops onto the heated copper plate, the reaction causes a colour change – it turns into a rainbow-coloured iris. There is an eye motif in the projection; I think of the pattern created by the droplets as the second eye of the piece.

The thousands of drops falling again and again on the same spot represents your inner parasite. Your inner parasite shapes you, but you only become aware of this in retrospect. The irony is that on the one hand your parasite is destroying you, but on the other hand it can shape your beauty, if you learn to grow together, or better still, learn to use it to your advantage. Make your enemy your best friend! 

In I Am A 61.2 cm² Parasite my human area is made ​​out of copper. Just as copper is known for conducting electricity, everything that we experience in life is translated via electrical activity. Copper as an element is present in our body.

Copper is reactive, to heat, salt, water, etc. in a visual way – it changes its colour, just as our body changes during our lifetime. 

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  • Basia Baumann