How long is A Moment

Film on Festivals.

The question I felt compelled to explore here is “How often do you need to see someone, to really see them?”


It’s about running out of time, missing the moment, missing the person you were supposed to meet.

There is an expression in German: “We touched a hundred times and nothing happened. Then we touched once again and it happened - love!“

How long is a moment.

How often do I need to see you until I see you? And when finally I do see you, it might be too late. 

How  long is a moment.

Why do I feel I´m in the right moment, in the right spot.

How long is a moment

Why do I remember one person so intensely after only one meeting and others I don’t even remember their name after working 10 years in the same office with them.

How long is a moment.

How often must we act the same way, until we become able to change our behaviour?

We live in a world ruled by the clock. 

I can measure a moment with a clock or is a moment created when several different people, each in their own time, become synchronized by a simple look- a look which lets them share a moment of togetherness.

Time is our most precious gift.

Sometimes you need to slow down, so as not to lose the right moment.

I can hold water in my hand before it flows on.