Exploring the beauty that is found in imperfection. Three touching childhood stories.

That took place post-WWII in Germany´s church care-home system.


i see

Images are always open to interpretation, they can mean one thing to one person, and something completely different to someone else. Through editing and composition, a director can influence the way a story is perceived, but only so much. For this project, I’m aiming to empower the viewer to shape their own story, by giving them the option of choosing which images they focus on. 

I See is a photographic project, that captures three touching stories of children who grew up in Germany. I brought their extraordinary stories to life in a church backyard, with my Linhof Technika large format camera, using Fuji colour film that had expired in 1995.

This expired film was meant to be thrown away, was said to be no good.

I love the experiment of using film stock that was said to be no good any more, to take the portraits of people who were told by society that they were no good any more.


What came out is a beautiful range of colours, which shows that beauty is hidden within even the darkest-looking story. It´s up to your point of view, to discover the colour in a story.


I See is the first part of a mixed media work, created with biometrics and video (U See/U Hear/U Feel)

Photography Info:  The photographs were taken with expired Fuji colour film in order to lend the images a unique aesthetic, and reflect the beauty that is found in imperfection.