Follow Me - Disobey

I was invited to be part of a group show in Oaxaca during “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead).

My contribution consisted of four parts: two linked films, the art project and group exhibition, the pictures, and two poems.

I wanted to find out how the natural human desire to seek beauty would be affected by thepresence of so many connotations of death. This was my first experience of putting myself behind the camera. Usually I prefer to collaborate with a team, but on this occasion – due to the spontaneous nature of the project – I felt it was necessary to rely only on myself. No scene, person or situation you see was planned. Everything was a product only of coincidence, a desire to experience genuine beauty, and the openness to let it happen and to capture it. Was the experiment successful?

Take a look for yourself.

‘Follow Me – Disobey’ was an art experiment I carried out in Mexico in 2016.