Follow Me - Disobey


The result is two linked films.

You could compare them to the colourful wings of a butterfly.

On one wing there is the question

“Who am I…”

and on the other wing you will find reflected the answer:

“I am who…”

„Who am I“
„I am who“

You need both wings to fly.

We all need to reflect on what we do, and who we are, again and again.

To be able to have true perspective for this self-reflection, I wanted to ask myself the question

with a clear mind. This meant getting rid of my quotidian emotional filters, in order to operate

with a purer state of awareness.

To achieve this state of mind I decided to embark on a contemplation of death.

Death is our common destiny. We’re all going to die one day.

The difference between one individual and another lies in how they process this information.

Personally, I quite like thinking about death, because it focuses me on the here and now. The past is gone, the future didn’t happen yet. By contemplating death, I enter into harmony with myself, and I believe it gives me the

opportunity to see genuine beauty – what I call:

The beauty of death.

Credits: ‘Follow Me – Disobey’ (2016)

Yearning for beauty? You’re not alone!

Thank you Adrina Drina for holding my hand at Burning Man and inviting me to follow

Thank you Elliott Bennett Coon for being a sparkling light

Thank you beautiful party souls Oaxaca ‘Gem & Bold’ party for letting me film your beautiful moments

Thank you to the lovebirds for sharing the beauty of your love with me

Thank you Carlos E. Heredia Hidalgo for asking the right questions at the right time

Thank you Marco Gasparin for stopping the car in front of me

Thank you Daliah for mentioning Raúl

Thank you Raúl for inspiring me and introducing me to Egle

Thank you Peter for showing up unexpectedly

Thank you Ugo Lo Rocco for believing in me

Thank you Egle for the beautiful moment we shared and for introducing me to Kin Cuvas

Thank you Carlos Cardiel for following me as I followed you

Thank you Maria Ronchi for being such a strong beauty

Thank you Juliette Gesumaria for you being a butterfly, in and out of the water

Thank you Juan Carlos for being the master of recognising the beauty in people

Thank you Kwietha Bolden for asking me if I was ready

Thank you Sampson Kevin for dancing playfully with my ideas

Thank you Graham for expecting so much

Thank you Ana for being so kind and friendly to me

Thank you Sasha Lija Đorić for being so beautiful, enduring and patient

Thank you Sheily Pepper for being an enchanting golden bird

Thank you Rodrigo and Katia for allowing me to be a part of your most lovely moments

Thank you Kin Cuvass for showing me your heart with honesty

Thank you Hikuri Roots for recognising what is in my heart, and keeping it close to yours

Thank you Rachieed Roots for being beautiful just the way you are

Thank you Cristobal Maya for inviting me into your world

Thank you Giorgio Salvadè for making me feel beautiful

Thank you Sofia Fernandez for trusting me to depict your beauty

Thank you Solenio for speaking to me in the language of friendship

Thank you Claus Sendlinger for feeding me with respect

Thank you Klaus Wagner for always being there when I need you

Thank You Marc Dubé for always putting my words in the best light

Thank you Anja Senckpiehl, my partner in beauty - more so than I could ever have expected!

Thank you Emanuel M. Schwermer for being the first one to tell me – You can do it alone

Thank you Ike Aligbe for putting the colours behind my ears

Thank you Friedemann Schmidt for the delightful dance of images

Thank You Caroline Millahn for the meeting of souls

Thank you Aaron Gustav Ahrends for inspiring me


This Project’s purpose was to seek beauty and to find beauty. I’m so grateful to all of you, as you showed me that this is the way so see, feel and live life. I´m not alone.

Follow Me - Follow Yourself.

© Basia Baumann 2016