Water Lollipops



Experience water - the universal element.

The power of images.

The power of water.

The transmission of information through imagery and through water.

I Am 61,2 cm² Parasite

video Installation.

Year 2013

You grow, you fail, you live.

With one constant companion - your inner parasite.


short film - 20 mins.

Year 2008

During the Bosnian war, Sara witnesses the cold-blooded murder of her whole family. Traumatised, she wanders the city streets, eventually joining a fellow group of displaced youths. An opportunity for revenge presents itself... Sara must choose whether to become a killer herself, and mimic the brutality she has experienced.

I See


Year 2009

Exploring the beauty that is found in imperfection.

Three touching childhood stories.

Beauty is hidden within even the darkest-looking story.

It´s up to your point of view, to discover the colour in a story. (click on picture to edit)

Walk In My Shoes


Year 2010

Discover Istanbul with me...

Do you have time

Munich RE


Year 2010

REinvent the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water.

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Follow Me - Disobey

Twin Film Installation - 1,30 min.

Year 2016

Who are you? 

Everything was a product only of coincidence,

a desire to experience genuine beauty,

and the openness to let it happen and to capture it.

Diframe The Inner Child

Huge video Installation.

Year 2012

Exit the frame and drop out. In beautiful colour.

See the world through the eyes of a child 


Interactive video sound installation - 17 mins.

Year 2010

U Feel / U See/ U Hear is a mixed media documentary that captures three shocking stories of children who grew up in Germany post-WWII. Incorporates biometrics and audio technologies, to create a remarkable interactive experience.

I Just Want To Play


Year 2010

My red is not your red. Does that matter? 



Year 2010



Year 2010

We are all creatures of the wind.

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How Long Is A Moment

FILM Installation – 7 min.

Year 2015

How long is a moment? A blink, a kiss, the time it takes a drop of water to fall?

I Am 61,2 cm²


Year 2012

How much space does a person need? In my case, it’s 61.2 cm².

Un Voyage


Year 2011

How many times do I need to travel the same way until.

Sleeping Beauty


Year 2012

They say beauty is fleeting. They are wrong. 

What Do You Think

Short film - 5 mins.

Year 2007

To spare your best friend, would you allow the beating of your little brother?

While the credits roll, the young actor reveals that he would make the same choice as the character he plays. Would you?

For Ever

Short film - 5 mins.

Year 2005

We all live on a map of emotions…

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